PQ’s silica products consist of silica gels and precipitated silicas that are used in a wide range of applications.  The Catalysts Group supplies silicas used in catalyst and antiblocking applications; these grades are covered below.  For information on PQ's silica products used in foods & beverages, surface coatings, oil processing, fillers/carriers, and personal care, please go to the Performance Chemicals home page.

Silica gels and precipitated silicas are a form of silicon dioxide, the same compound that occurs in nature as sand. However, sand is a crystalline, non-porous form of silicon dioxide, whereas silica gels and precipitated silicas are amorphous (non-crystalline) and highly porous. By carefully controlling surface area, pore volume, particle size distribution, impurities, coatings, and other key characteristics, we can make a range of products optimized for different end uses. 

Since 1976, PQ has been producing silica gel supports and catalysts used in the manufacture of polymers, particularly high-density polyethylene (HDPE).  Chief among these catalysts are chrome-on-silica products in both granular and microspherical morphologies, sometimes modified with aluminum or titanium to influence polymerization characteristics and final polymer properties.

GASIL® silicas are used in antiblocking applications to prevent the tendency of opposite faces of polyolefin and polyester films to adhere to one another, such as during winding operations. 
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