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PQ's ADVERA® WMA specialty zeolite is an additive for warm mix asphalt technology. Advera WMA is added to the existing hot mix asphalt mix design to allow asphalt concrete to be produced and placed at temperatures which are 30-40 °C below conventional hot mix asphalt temperatures.

PQ's Advera®WMA offers numerous benefits to agencies, asphalt plant owners and paving companies. Agencies can benefit from reduced emissions (VOC and CO2) (up to 60% reduction), more consistent pavement densities, faster opening to traffic and night/cool temperature paving.

Asphalt plant owners are able to benefit from increased use of RAP (up to 55%), energy savings  (up to 35%), additional compaction for stiff mixes, extended paving season, extended paving range (over 3 hours), increased production rates, and the ability to pave over crack sealing.

Paving companies benefit from longer workability (longer hauls, less scrap), fewer emissions at the paver, additional compaction for stiff mixes, cooler working conditions (10-40 °C cooler) and the ability to extend the paving season. For more detailed information see Advera WMA
How It Works
Advera WMA's fine particle size ensures an even distribution in the bitumen and its timed-release water technology maintains asphalt workability at lower manufacturing and paving temperatures.
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