PQ Corporation manufactures a broad range of silicate-based products for the Household and Industrial & Institutional Detergent Industry. PQ's silicate-based products provide alkalinity and buffering, water softening, corrosion inhibition, bleach stabilisation, soil/grease dispersion, liquid-carrying capacity and binding or anti-caking  properties needed by today's detergent formulations. The main products ranges for the detergent industry are BRITESIL® soluble silicate powders and granules, METSO® metasilicates and the DOUCIL® zeolites.
How It Works
BRITESIL soluble silicates contribute to detergents by acting as builders, buffering agents, bleach stabilizers and corrosion inhibitors. Special grades have been developed with a high liquid carrying capacity to enable aborption of liquid ingredients. Silicate powders with a low bulk density can be added to dry mix powders for regulation of the bulk density. A broad range of liquid silicates act as process chemical in a spray drying process to give the detergent powder a good structure.

METSO® meta silicates are primarily used in the I&I industry. The high alkalinity in METSO metasilicate provides effective cleaning in a wide variety of powder, tablet and liquid detergent formulations. METSO metasilicates are also excellent buffering agents, stabilize bleach systems and inhibit corrosion.

The DOUCIL zeolites range consists of the traditional zeolite 4A and the zeolite MAP with unique properties. DOUCIL zeolites provide effective water softening properties. DOUCIL zeolites have very high liquid carrying capacity and soil carrying properties. DOUCIL MAP gives improved bleach stability and enhanced water softening rate. DOUCIL can also serve as an anti-caking agent in powder detergents.

Household laundry powders and tablets

Household automatic dish wash powders and tablets

Industrial & Institutional detergents 
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