Electronics Industry

PQ Corporation manufactures many products used in the Electronics market. Crystal AG sodium silicate is available for the production of silica based wafer-polishing aids.  Potassium silicate is available for use as a binder for phosphors and for circuit board cleaners.

How It Works
Crystal AG is a higher purity sodium silicate with very low levels of iron, copper and nickel. This product is specially suited to produce precipitated silica and colloidal silicas for wafer polishing because the low metal content reduces complex formation with phosphor and boron compounds which enhances wafer quality. 

Potassium silicates are used as phosphor binders and settling agents in the manufacture of cathode ray tubes (CRTs). The Electronic Grades of potassium silicate are higher purity products. This higher purity helps to ensure that no clumping or pinholing occurs on the inside of the screen. 
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