Liquid Carrying
In many industries there is a need to convert liquid ingredients into stable, dry powder forms.  This is often required where there are problems in handling liquids or where there is a need to add liquids to powdered formulations.  Ease of mixing, high precision in measurement, dispersion and the reduction of losses of viscous liquid components are some of the benefits of converting liquid to a free-flowing powder.

Neosyl silicas have high absorptive capacity allowing for carried products to be a free flowing powder at high liquid concentrations.

Neosyl GP or Neosyl TS are recommended as carriers.

Neosyl GP gives good carrying capacity (70%) while giving processors the advantage of low shear mixing and fast incorporation.

Neosyl TS is sometimes preferred over Neosyl GP due to its small size, tighter particle size distribution and resistance to over-mixing.

Some typical liquid carrying applications include: flavours, colourants, choline chloride, methionine, veterinary products, chemical additives, rubber plastercisers.
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