Other Applications
Application  Reason for Use  PQ Silica Recommended 
 Adhesives Enhancing good bond strength and control of viscosity  Microcal ET 
 Brake linings Aid binding properties, Scouring  Alusil ET 
 Paint Primers Promotion of alkaline pH, inhibition of metal corrosion  Alusil ET or Microcal ET 
 Plasticised PVC Prevention of plate out  Neosyl GP or TS 
 Plastisols Control of rheological properties  Neosyl TS 
 Printing Inks Matting, viscosity control, anti-blocking  Alusil ET, Neosyl GP or TS 
 Sealants and Mastics Filler, rheological control of flow properties  Neosyl GP or TS 
 Tabletting/pelletisation Process aid, aids tablet disintegration  Neosyl GP, AC or Microcal ET 
 Textiles Back filling  Neosyl TS or AC 
 Thermal insulation Chemical reactant  Microcal ET 
 Fertiliser Addition of magnesium, anti-caking  Neosyl GP or TS 
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