Industrial and Institutional Cleaners

PQ Soluble Silicates contribute to I&I detergents as cleaning aids, bleach stabilizers, buffering, processing aids and corrosion inhibitors. The main products for the I&I industry are METSO® metasilicates, available as fast dissolving pentahydrate or as anhydrous and BRITESIL® soluble silicate powders and granules. To vary alkalinity, METSO metasilicates can also be combined with Britesil powders.

How It Works
METSO metasilicates are primarily used in the I&I industry. The unique combination of silica and alkalinity in METSO sodium metasilicate ensures effective cleaning across the wide range of powder, tablet liquid and block detergent formulations. The high alkalinity of METSO provides effective cleaning through saponification of fatty oil and contributes to the emulsification and removal of oily and greasy soil. The optimal combination of soluble silica and alkali lowers the interfacial tension and thus enhances the cleaning performance of the surfactant. METSO metasilicates are also excellent buffering agents, stabilize bleach systems and inhibit corrosion.

BRITESIL soluble silicate powders contribute to detergents as builders, buffering agents, bleach stabilizers and corrosion inhibitors. Special grades with high liquid carrying capacity were developed to absorb liquid ingredients. Silicate powders with a low bulk density are added to dry mix powders to adjust bulk density. Liquid silicates can act as a processing aid in the spray towers to give the detergent powder a good structure. 

Industrial and Institutional Cleaning
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