Cleaning Boosters

PQ Corporation, through its expertise in particle technology, has developed the noval, patented "cleaning booster" range of products - SORBOSIL AC33 and AC43.  Through the tight control of particle size distribution and particle strength, these products deliver exceptional cleaning performance at very low levels (1-4%).  This delivers significant benefits to both formulator and production manager at our customer.

 Product  Characteristics  Typical Area of Application
 SORBOSIL AC33                High abrasive claning booster       Cleaning booster for whitening or standard pastes  
 SORBOSIL AC43  Medium abrasive cleaning  booster      Cleaning booster for whitening or standard pastes

The formulator benefits by being able to replace a small percentage of standard abrasive cleaning silica with the cleaning booster, and therefore can quickly and easily modify a standard toothpaste formulation to deliver a whitening or higher cleaning variant.

The production manager benefits by being able to manage the complexity of ever increasing toothpaste products and SKU's through addition of the cleaning booster at the end of the manufacturing process to a standard toothpaste base to deliver whitening/higher cleaning variants.


The graphs show that by replacing a small percentage of the standard abrasive cleaner with an equivalent amount of Sorbosil AC33 and AC43 cleaning boosters the cleaning performance of the paste, as shown by the Pellicle Cleaning Ratio (PCR) number, is significantly increased.  Maximum cleaning is obtained by using Sorbosil AC33 in preference to AC43, but Sorbosil AC43 has a reduced impact on the abrasion of the paste as measured by Radioactive Dentine abrasion (RDA).

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