Personal Wash
The Sorbosil CBT & BFG range of scrub particles and cleansing granules provides a wide variety of sensory, visual and cleansing effects including the novel breakdown and self-suspending granules.  Customised options of particle colour, size and strenght are available.

Please note that PQ Corporation's flexible processing technology can enable other types of coloured or opacified granules to be produced.  If you have interest in other variations of the Sorbosil/BFG/CBT granules not on the product list, please discuss with your local PQ Corporation representative. 

PQ Corporation offers extensive technical expertise in silicas for the personal care industry.  Please contact us at for further information, material safety data sheets, formulation sheets or product data sheets.

Product   Characteristics  Typical Area of Application      
SORBOSIL BFG10   Non-pigmented silica scrub particle  Facial/Body wash products
SORBOSIL BFG20   Opacified/white scrub particle  Facial/Body wash products
SORBOSIL BFG50   Non-pigmented silica scrub particle  Facial/Body wash products
SORBOSIL BFG51   Blue silica scrub particle  Facial/Body wash products
SORBOSIL BFG52   Green silica scrub particle  Facial/Body wash products
SORBOSIL BFG54   Red silica scrub particle  Facial/Body wash products
SORBOSIL CBT60S              Non-pigmented, very fast breakdown silica granule                       Facial/Body wash products
SORBOSIL CBT70  Non-pigmented, slow breakdown silica granule  Facial/Body wash products

The Benefits of PQ Corporation Personal Wash products
  • Choice of breakdown characteristics from non-breakdown to very fast breakdown to meet specific product requirements.
  • Wide choice of particle colour enables the required visual impact to be achieved.
  • Choice of particle size and strength enables a wide range of sensory effects to be achieved.
  • Products are naturally derived inert products with good compatibility for most active ingredients.
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