Sensory Particles
SORBOSIL BFG/CBT silica granules can be used at low levels (0.5-1%) to provide a strong visual or sensory impact for toothpaste and skin care products to the consumer.At higher levels (3-5%) a strong sensory mouthfeel effect is also achieved. This can be utilised to enhance the consumer perception of a marketing claim.

PQ's flexible and customizable technology enables a range of approved pigments and opacifying materials to be used depending on the requirements.
 Product   Characteristics   Typical Area of Application 
 SORBOSIL BFG10        Non-pigmented silica granule               All toothpastes
 SORBOSIL BFG50  Non-pigmented silica granule  All toothpastes
 SORBOSIL BFG51  Blue silica granule  All toothpastes
 SORBOSIL BFG52  Green silica granule  All toothpastes
 SORBOSIL BFG54  Red silica granule  All toothpastes
 SORBOSIL BFG20  White opacified silica granule  All toothpastes & skin care products
 SORBOSIL CBT60S  Non-pigmented silica breakdown agglomerate  Face scrubs
 SORBOSIL CBT70                         Non-pigmented silica breakdown agglomerate                       Bodywash 

The Benefits of PQ's SORBOSIL BFT/CBT Range
  • Strong visual and mouthfeel sensory effects
  • Ideal for use in clear gels and opaque toothpastes, bodywash & facescrub
  • No effect on toothpaste viscosity or abrasivity
  • Good fluoride compatibility
  • Very flexible technology enables customised products to be produced
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