Silica Abrasives
SORBOSIL AC abrasives provide a wide range of abrasion and cleaning characteristics from the very low abrasive SORBOSIL AC39 to the medium abrasive SORBOSIL AC77, ideally suited to meet all of a customer's wide range of cleaning requirements and formulation restrictions.

Product  Characteristics  Typical Area of Application 
 SORBOSIL AC35   Low-medium abrasive    Standard pastes
 SORBOSIL AC39  Very low abrasive  Sensitive/childrens or low RDA pastes
 SORBOSIL AC77      Medium abrasive  Standard/Premium and high water content pastes


-  Good cleaning performance at a range of silica levels (8-20%)
-  Flexibility to match silica abrasive to loading and cleaning requirements
-  Excellent transmission characteristics for use in clear gels
-  Good fluoride compatbility

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