Surface Coating Applications:
Gasil, Silcron, Alusil, Zeocros

Surface Coatings is a common term used to identify applications within the coatings (paint and lacquer), plastics and paper industries.  Silica is used for matting, flatting, thickening, carrying, print defintion, viscosity alteration etc.  These market segments require tightly controlled, consistent additives which will enhance the end product performance.  PQ meets these requirements with its wide range of silica products and over 70 year of experience.  The selection of the optimum grade for a particular application will depend primarily on the product characteristics of porosity, particle size and surface treatment.  You are invited to contact us on to discuss your individual requirements.

Recommended Products
Gasil Product Range
Silcron Product Range
Alusil ET
Zeocros CG180
Zeocros E110
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