Gasil Silicas for Radiation (UV) Curable Coatings

The high solids nature of UV curable coatings and their shorter more efficient cycle times are making UV curable systems the most environmentally and/or economically acceptable option in many applications, ranging from PVC flooring to flatboard and furniture.

Matting/flatting such systems tend to be more difficult than for solvent-based alternatives.  Gloss reduction is traditionally achieved by either using large particle size products, which may lead to poor film properties, or by using high loadings of matting/flatting agent which will significantly increase coating viscosity to unacceptable levels.

Environmental pressure on VOC emissions, efforts to increase operational productivity and attractive technical performance are among the factors behind the continuous growth of UV curable technology in Paints and Coatintgs.  However, after over 30 years of 100% UV curable coatings experience, matting of these coatings is still a challenge for formulators.  Fast curings, absence of shrinkage on drying and high viscosity are the main hindrances to silica matting agents effectiveness.

PQ Corporation has considerable expertise in this application area and can therefore offer solutions to the matting requirements of the diverse range of radiation curable formulations.

Benefits of Gasil UV70C/UV55C in Radiation Curable Coatings

  • Cost effective: higher matting/flatting efficiency for any given loading of silica.
  • Viscosity: for any given gloss level, less effective on systm viscosity than with conventional products, Gasil UV55C providing the lowest viscosity build-up.
  • Consistency: precisely controlled particle size distribution.


UV Coating containing conventional matting/flatting            UV Coating containing Gasil silica at 5%

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