Paper Coatings

PQ Corporation is able to guide the coatings formulator in their choice of GASIL silica.  The wide range of products available offers flexibility in designing coatings for specific film and paper coatings requirements. Benefits of GASIL Silicas in Paper Coatings:

  • Products with proven all-round enhancement of the ink-receptivity of coated media.
  • Excellent ink absorption characteristics for rapid ink dry.
  • High purity, inert - compatible with other coatings ingredients.
  • ISO 9002 - consistent, reproducible results.
  • Global availability backed up with a comprehensive technical service

How Gasil Silicas work 
Specialist coatings are applied to a base substrate, commonly paper or film, to produce a smooth and uniform ink receptive surface.  In the case of paper, the coating also helps to improve the appearance of the sheet, although imperfection such as holes and lumps will still be visible. 
Introduction of GASIL products into these coatings results in coated paper or film which produces high quality printed image, for example the improvement in the ink receptivity of the paper can be attributed to the high porosity of the GASIL silica. This allows rapid absorption of the liquid phase of the ink into the coating, thus leaving the dye/pigment at the surface.  Additionally, depending on the grade of silica selected, varying degress of glass reduction and tooth (sensitivity of the surface to pencil or ink marking) can be achieved.




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