Speciality Films
The use of GASIL silicas in ink receptive coatings is not just limited to ink-jet applications.  Examples are given below of speciality recording media where coatings, applied to eg plastic, paper or textiles, utilise the different properties of GASIL silicas.

Photosensitive/chemically reactive papers:
For example, silica is often used in the production of thermal paper to immobilise the heat sensitive pigment.

PVC casting papers:
Coatings are transferred from the surface of these papers onto fabric.  GASIL silicas helps to lower the gloss of the coating and provide the correct level of viscosity.

Drafting, drawing and tracing paper:
GASIL silicas impart "tooth" to the film allowing good pencil and ink receptivity.

GASIL silicas improve scrub, stain and burnish resistance along with gloss reduction.

Addition of GASIL silicas can also help reduce the degree of blocking between papers and films, and in systems such as self-adhesive labels prevent migration of the plastisizer.
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