Zeocros Silicas for Titanium Dioxide Extension
PQ Corporation's Zeocros CG180 and Zeocros E110 are high performance titanium dioxide extenders for use in paints and powder coatings respectively. These unique aluminosilicates, exclusive to PQ Corporation, have been derived from our ability to control the morphology, molecular framework, particle size and distribution. Such particle engineering enables us to tailor Zeocros extender performance to the requirements of different applications.


Zeocros CG180 for Titanium Dioxide Extension in Paints
Zeocros CG180 is a high performance titanium dioxide extender.  This unique aluminosilicate, which is exclusive to PQ Corporation, has been derived from our ability to control the morphology, molecular framework, particle size and distribution. Such particle engineering enables us to tailor Zeocros CG180's performance to the requirements of different applications.

Benefits of Zeocros CG180 for TiO2 Extension
-  Good optical properties: high whiteness and high opacity.
    -  Fine particle size: low gloss reduction and suitable for use in thin films.
    -  Low oil adsorption: lower binder demand.
    -  The hydrophilic properties aid ease of dispersion.
    -  pH buffer: allows the replacement of ammonia or caustic soda.

Zeocros E110
Zeocros E110 is a synthetic aluminosilicate powder designed for use as a titanium dioxide extender in powder coatings.  Fine control of particle size, size distribution, purity and moisture give a product that has been shown to replace up to 25% of titanium dioxide on a weight for weight basis.  This performance is due to effective titanium dioxide spacing by Zeocros E110 particles that have angular shape and a refractive index that is similar to the polymers used in powder coating formulations.

Zeocros E110 has proven effective in hybrid, polyester and polyurethane systems, for both white and coloured formulations.  The high extending powder allows it to be used even in thin coatings, as required by the OEM market, for example.
Zeocros E110 is a material of high purity with excellent whiteness, similar to titanium dioxide.  Tests have shown that Zeocros E110 does not affect UV stability when compared with titanium dioxide alone.  Moreover, high temperature studies show that the use of Zeocros E110 can give slightly better overbake performance than titanium dioxide alone, reducing discolouration and gloss loss

In full testing, this proprietary product has been shown to be very effective in a wide array of powder formulations including architectural and UV cured systems providing substantial cost saving opportunities without significantly affecting key quality characteristics such as opacity, colour, gloss, mechanical strength, rheology and UV stability.

Please contact us if you require any further information on Zeocross E110 and its applications at techsupport@pqcorp.com

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