PQ Sodium Silicate Liquids: Apsil, Crystal and Ecodrill

PQ Corporation is the world’s leading producer of sodium silicate.  Sodium silicate, also known as waterglass, is a versatile inorganic chemical made by combining sand and soda ash (sodium carbonate) at high temperature.  Adjusting the ratio of sand to soda ash yields a variety of products with unique functionality used in many industrial and consumer product applications.

Hundreds of commercial uses of sodium silicates have evolved as a result of their versatile functionality and low cost. Silicates are a key raw material for many chemical processes but are also critical components in the manufacture of many everyday products such as detergents, paper stock, textiles, paint, fuel, etc. The chemical activity of soluble silicates is employed in soil solidification and in catalyst production, as well as in the manufacturing of silicate derivatives.

Silicates are GRAS - Generally Regarded as Safe, listed as indirect food additives, and are safe for use when formulated to avoid skin irritation.

PQ sodium silicate is available in solid (lump glass, cullet), liquid and powder (hydrous and anhydrous) forms.We offer the largest variety of high quality products shipped from the most extensive sodium silicate manufacturing network in the world.  PQ technical expertise in support of our customers’ applications, old and new, is second to none.


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