PQ Spray-dried Silicates: Britesil, Kasolv and Pyramid

The Britesil product range is a highly soluble silicate developed to meet the recent demands for laundry and  automatic dishwasher formulations. Britesil silicates are versatile products which can be used as builders, are able to adsorb large quantities of liquid ingredients are used for bulk density control and exhibit bleach stabilisation. The bleach stabilization properties of Britesil are also used in hair coloring products. In addition Britesil silicates are applied in the replacement of phosphates in laundry formulations.
Kasolv hydrated potassium silicates can be used in applications as diverse as welding rods, soaps, and hard-surface cleaners, but have been designed specifically for applications where either cold-water solubility or dry blending are required, such as specialty refractory applications and oil field service cements.

The Pyramid product range is specially tailored for the construction industry. Britesil, Pyramid and Kasolv silicates are manufactured from liquid silicate, using sophisticated spray-drying and compaction technology.

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