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PQ manufactures a number of high-value inorganic chemicals that have important application in agriculture and in animal feed. PQ N® sodium silicate is used in fruit flotation, specifically for pears, and is OMRI-approved for Organic crop practices. PQ AgSil® potassium silicate finds utility as a plant nutrient (fertilizer) in turf and crop applications. PQ Sil-MATRIX® potassium silicate serves as a biochemical pesticide in high-value crops such as wine grapes and also is OMRI-approved for Organic growing. PQ Magnesium Sulfate crystal and solutions serve as sources for soluble magnesium in agriculture, food, and animal feed applications. PQ Magna Grow® magnesium sulfate is OMRI-approved for Organic growing practices.
How It Works
Sodium silicate is used in fruit flotation operations to increase the density of flotation solutions and to remove and suspend soil. 

AgSil® potassium silicates are an excellent source of completely soluble potassium, a primary macronutrient, and silicon which is now being recognized as a beneficial substance to plants. Applying soluble silicon can provide several benefits including better resistance to mineral and climate stress, improved plant strength, better resistance to lodging, and in some cases may increase growth and yield.
PQ now offers a biochemical pesticide potassium silicate called Sil-MATRIX®. This product works with the plant to serve as a preventative for Powdery Mildew and other fungal diseases, and it also controls mites, whiteflies, and other insects.

PQ Magnesium Sulfate provides soluble Magnesium to serve as a secondary plant macronutrient. It occupies a central position in the chlorophyll molecule and therefore plays a fundamental role in photosynthesis. Both magnesium and sulfur play a role in plant metabolic functions and enzyme processes.

Magnesium is important in the dietary requirements of cattle and sheep. Magnesium sulfate provides an excellent source of soluble magnesium for animal feed supplements. Providing supplemental magnesium is especially important when the livestock are feeding on lush green pastures with high potassium levels, because potassium can interfere with the uptake of magnesium by grasses.
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