PQ's BRITESORB® silicas are produced specifically for beer stabilization.  BRITESORB®  silicas combine good stabilization performance with excellent filtration and minimal dusting.  BRITESORB®  silicas selectively remove haze-forming proteins from beer without adversely affecting flavor, foam, or filtration rate.  BRITESORB®  beer stabilizers are manufactured in our state-of-the-art production facilities to meet all regulatory requirements for food-grade silica. 
How It Works
Beer contains various proteins (polypeptides) and tannins (polyphenols) that can slowly react during shelf storage to form a colloidal complex. This complex becomes insoluble at the cold temperatures at which beer is stored and consumed.  BRITESORB® beer stabilizers are highly porous silica gel particles that selectively adsorb the proteins that cause chill haze, but they do not adsorb the proteins necessary for an attractive, stable head of foam or necessary for satisfying mouth-feel.  The silica gel is completely filtered out of the beer before it is packaged. The result is a brilliantly clear beverage that retains its clarity during extended shelf storage.
Beer Stabilization
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