Health and Beauty

PQ Corporation manufactures several products that can be used in the health and beauty industries.  Magnesium sulfate, or Epsom salts, can be used as body and foot soaks, in bath salts, and in flotation and isolation tanks.  PQ's silicas are used in toothpastes and skin scrubs.  Sodium silicate and metasilicates are used for pH control, corrosion inhibition, bulking, and viscosity control in products such as skin care, hair coloring, shaving, bath, eye makeup, and depilatory formulations.  PQ’s ADVERA® specialty zeolites can be used in cosmetic applications to control rheology, to improve tactile qualities, and as anti-caking agents.  Zeolites deodorize other odorous ingredients.  Products formulated with zeolites include eye shadow, facial powder and blush, foundation, bronzer/highlighter and sunscreen, facial cleansers and masks, and mascara. 
How It Works

In personal care formulations, silicates sequester metals to provide corrosion protection. They also contribute pH control and buffering that provide rheological stability. 

VALFOR® zeolites contribute anti-caking action, rheology control, and texture in personal care formulations.  They also provide deodorizing in lotions, creams and pastes; when hydrated, they produce a warming effect that  promotes deep cleansing in facial and body scrubs.

Sorbosil® silicas are high performance thickeners for rheological control in all formulation types and are efficient standard abrasives.

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