Industrial and Institutional Cleaners

PQ Soluble Silicates contribute to detergents as cleaning aids, processing aids, and corrosion inhibitors. As cleaning aids, soluble silicates provide alkalinity and promote soil suspension.

BRITESIL® hydrous polysilicates and liquid silicates are all used in industrial and institutional cleaning applications. The low-ratio METSO® sodium metasilicates are extremely efficient in solubilizing oils and greases because of their high alkalinity. Available as the pentahydrate METSO PENTABEAD® 20 or anhydrous METSO BEADS® 2048, these metasilicate products are fast-dissolving and, in common with the liquid and hydrous powder silicates, inhibit corrosion of metals, protecting production equipment.

For varying alkalinity, METSO® metasilicates can also be combined with the BRITESIL® hydrous powders. Metasilicates can be used alone or formulated with other reagents to clean hard surfaces such as metals, concrete, stone, laminates, china etc. 

How It Works
PQ silicate are inorganic water-based solutions of silica.  In I&I cleaning, the alkali in the silicate helps to adjust pH of the formulation for best cleaning.  The silica from the silicate can enhance or build surfactant performance.  As well the silica acts as a corrosion inhibitor for metal surfaces and also serves to disperse soil particles to avoid redeposition.  PQ's METSO® sodium metasilicates have the greatest alkali and silica concentrations for suitability in I&I cleaning.  The METSO® products are available in powder form for ease of shipment and for rapid solubility in I&I formulations.  

Industrial and Institutional Cleaning
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