Manufacture of Other Chemicals (Feedstock)

PQ soluble silicates are vital to the production of numerous high-performance value-added silica-based chemicals in the electronic, catalyst, life science, personal care, food chemical, and automotive markets.  Examples include the use of colloidal silica for silicon chip processing in computer electronics and the use of zeolite catalysts in petrochemical refining.  PQ sodium silicates are used by industry to manufacture these high-value silica chemicals.  PQ’s expertise is integral to producing the high-quality sodium silicates needed for these demanding applications.

Likewise, PQ's Epsom Salt (magnesium sulfate heptahydrate) provides soluble magnesium for production of high value-magnesium chemicals, e.g. magnesium silicate used in food processing and enzyme co-factors used in food ingredient production. 

How It Works

In the manufacture of silica-based products, liquid sodium silicates and liquid potassium silicates provide a readily available, convenient source of soluble silica.  In many cases, the silicate is modified by addition of acid to neutralize the alkalinity of the silicate and release the silica.  Silicates are used to produce these derivative products:  

  • Precipitated silicas
  • Silica gels (adsorbent and chromatography)
  • Colloidal silicas (silica sols) 
  • Catalyst supports (modified silica gels) 
  • Zeolites (sodium aluminosilicates) 
  • Zeolite Catalysts
  • Pigments (titanium dioxide)

Magnesium Sulfate Heptahydrate (Epsom Salt) is used in the manufacture of numerous chemical compounds. Magnesium sulfate is a raw material for production of magnesium silicate fillers and adsorbents and for many pharmaceutical products. Magnesium from magnesium sulfate is also commonly added as a coenzyme in the manufacture of high fructose corn syrup.

Alkaline Buffering Agent

Catalyst Supports

Silica Source (Soluble)
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