Paints and Coatings

PQ Corporation manufactures many silicate and silica gel products for use in paints and coatings.  A broad range of sodium silicate products are available for use as pigment binders, corrosion inhibitors, and to provide reflectivity.  PQ's KASIL® potassium silicate is used as a binder in zinc-rich paint formulations for corrosion protection. 

PQ's GASIL® silica gel products are specifically designed as an effective matting agent for coil, wood, general industrial, and other surface coatings applications.  This product technology provides excellent matting efficiency combined with minimal effect on clarity and mechanical film properties.  High-performance GASIL® silica gels are specifically designed as effective pigments for ink-receptive coatings on ink-jet media.  GASIL® silica gels are the leading products in ink-receptive coatings due to the superior properties of controlled particle size, surface area, and pore size distribution.  These properties are key to achieving high quality inkjet printing.

How It Works
PQ liquid sodium and potassium silicates are water-based solutions of silica.  All liquid silicates dry (dehydrate) to form films or coatings on surfaces.  These films dry to a rigid, glass-like state and depending on ratio have different drying rates and final moisture contents.  (Higher ratio products have faster drying rates and dry harder).  Silicates can be used as a vehicle to bind pigments and other powdered materials to surfaces, especially masonry.  They can also be used as a corrosion inhibitor on metal surfaces in coating formulations, for example zinc-rich paints.  Other coating applications would include surface strengthening, surface texture, and development of heat-resistant and intumescent films. 

PQ GASIL® silica gels introduce surface roughness to films and coatings to modulate surface sheen and gloss.  The product technology provides excellent matting efficiency combined with minimal effect on clarity and mechanical film properties.  Other product performance benefits are in product consistency, ease of dispersion, and in providing raw material cost savings.

GASIL® silica gels are highly porous pigments utilized in ink receptive coatings for inkjet media.  GASIL® silica gels create coatings that have significant capacity for absorbing the ink vehicle allowing for quick setting of colorants and fast ink dry times.  Coatings employing GASIL® silica gels achieve wide color gamut, high color density, and reduced ink bleed. 


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