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PQ Corporation manufactures several products that can be used in Personal Care and in the Health and Beauty industries.  Sodium silicate and METSO® sodium metasilicates are used for pH control, corrosion inhibition, bulking, and viscosity control in products such as skin care, hair coloring, shaving, batch, eye make-up, and depilatory formulations.  Silicates are GRAS - Generally Regarded as Safe, listed as indirect food additives, and are safe for use when formulated to avoid skin irritation.  PQ is North America's leading producer of Magnesium Sulfate, Epsom Salt, a product used widely in body and foot soaks, in bath salts, and in flotation and isolation tanks.  Epsom Salt can also be used as a carrier for dyes and fragrances in bath salts.

PQ's ADVERA® specialty zeolite products can be used in cosmetic applications to control rheology, to improve tactile qualities, and as anti-caking agents.  Zeolites deodorize other odorous ingredients.  Products formulated with zeolites include eye shadow, facial powder and blush, foundation, bronzer/highlighter and sunscreen, facial cleansers and masks, and mascara.

PQ's SORBOSIL® silicas are manufactured to provide a range of dental silicas with controlled abrasivities and cleaning performance.  These products are ideal for all toothpastes, including clear gels.  SORBOSIL silicas are also used in skin-scrub formulations. 

How It Works
PQ's water-soluble products include sodium silicates, potassium silicates, sodium metasilicates, and magnesium sulfate (Epsom Salt).  The soluble soda and silica contribute pH control and buffering, chelation of metals, and anti-corrosive protection in cosmetic and personal care formulations.  Soluble magnesium sulfate (Epsom Salt) generates solutions that soothe sore and cramped muscles.  Magnesium sulfate solutions increase the density of water in flotation and isolation tanks.   

PQ's particulate powder products include ADVERA® zeolites and SORBOSIL® silicas.  The particle products provide texture and controlled abrasivity in formulations developed for skin care and toothpaste (dentrifice).  

All of these PQ products are inorganic materials - environmentally benign - and after use, break down into naturally-occurring by-products.

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