PQ’s silica products consist of silica gels and precipitated silicas that are used in a wide range of applications.  The Performance Chemicals business supplies silicas used in foods & beverages, surface coatings, oil processing, and personal care; these grades are covered below.  For information on PQ's silica products used in catalyst and antiblocking applications, please go to the Catalysts Group home page.

Silica gels and precipitated silicas are a form of silicon dioxide, the same compound that occurs in nature as sand. However, sand is a crystalline, non-porous form of silicon dioxide, whereas silica gels and precipitated silicas are amorphous (non-crystalline) and highly porous. By carefully controlling surface area, pore volume, particle size distribution, impurities, coatings, and other key characteristics, we can make a range of products optimized for different end uses. 

PQ’s BRITESORB® silica gels are selective adsorbents used in the brewing industry and edible oil industries.  In beer they are highly selective adsorbents for haze-forming proteins with no adverse affect on flavor, foam, color, or aroma.  BRITESORB® beer stabilizers have chillproofed more beer than any other silica gel in the world.  In cooking oils they function as adsorbents that prevent the buildup of contaminants during frying. 

GASIL® and SILCRON® silica gels are highly porous materials with tight particle size control, ideally suited to surface coating applications, including paints, lacquers, plastics, and paper products.  

SORBSIL® silica hydrogels combine high adsorption capacity with a strong affinity for polar impurities, making them extremely efficient adsorbents for use in the purification of edible oil or biofuel feedstocks. 

SORBOSIL® silicas are used in personal care applications such as toothpastes, in which they provide controlled abrasivity and thickening with optimized optical properties allowing them to be used in all formulations, including clear gels.

GASIL® silicas are effective anti-caking/free-flow agents for a variety of materials with inherent poor flow properties, including powder coatings and powder consumer goods (GASIL 23FJ), foods and pharmaceuticals (GASIL 23FP, GASIL IJ624), and moisture scavenger (GASIL GM2F).  These GASIL silica products comply with current FCC and USP standards and are acceptable for use as a food additive in accordance with 21CFR172.480.

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